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vi cheat sheet

Starting & ending commands
vi : Start vi with filename.
ZZ: Exit and saves.
:wq: Write and quit (saves changes to file).
:q!: Quit (does not save the chages).
:w : Save filename and keep editing.
e!: Re-edit file (start over).
:r : Read external file into work file.

Movment commands
h: left 1 character.
l: Right 1 character.
j: Down 1 line.
k: Up 1 line.

w: Forward to start of next punctuation-bounded word.
b: Backward to start of next punctuation-bounded word.
e: Forward to end of next punctuation-bounded word.
W: Forward to start of next space-bounded word.
B: Backward to start of next space-bounded word.
E: Forward to end of next space-bounded word.

$: Right to end of line.
0 (zero): Move to first character of line.
^: Move to absolute beginning of the line.
(n)|: Move to column number specified by (n).
(: Move back to next start of a sentence.
): Move forward to next start of a sentence.
{: Move back to next start of a paragraph.
}: Move forward to next start of a paragraph.
H: Move "home", top left corner of screen.
M: Move to left of middle of screen.
L: Move to bottom of left corner of screen.
G: Move to the end of the file.
(n)G: Move to line (n) of file.

CTRL-E: Move window down one line.
CTRL-Y: Move window up one line.
CTRL-B: Move window backward 1 page.
CTRL-F: Move window forward 1 page.
CTRL-U: Scroll window up 1/2 page.
CTRL-D: Scroll down 1/2 page.

Insertion commands
i: Insert just before cursor.
a: Append just after cursor.
l: Move to beginning of line and append.
A: Move to end of line and append.
o: Open line below and insert.
O: Open Line above and insert.

Deletion commands
x: Delete character under cursor.
X: Delete character to the left of cursor.
dw: Delete next punctuation-bounded word.
dW: Delete next space-bounded word.
db: Delete previous punctuation-bounded word..
d^: Delete to beginning of line.
D: Delete to end of line.
dd: Delete entire line.
d(n)G:: Delete from current line to line (n).
d(: Delete backwards from cursor to start of sentence.
d): Delete forward from cursor to end of sentence.
d{: Delete backwards from cursor to start of paragraph.
d}: Delete forwards from cursor to end of paragraph.
(n)dd: Delete (n) lines.
d(n)d: Delete (n) lines.
d(n)w: Delete (n) words.

Changing commands
r(c): Replace 1 character with (c).
R (string): Replace a number of characters with (string).
c(n)w: Change (n) words.
cc: Change one line.
c(n)c: Change (n) lines.
c^: Change to beginning of line.
C: Change to end of line.
u: Undo most recent change.
U: Restore most recent change.
~: Change case.
J: Join two lines.

Search commands
/string ESC: Search forward for string.
?string ESC: Search backward for string.
n: Repeat search forward.
N: Repeat search backward.
:s/old/new/(n): Replace old with new (n) times.
fc: Search forward for character (c).
Fc: Search backward for character (c).

Yanking commands
yw: Yank next word.
yb: Yank previous word.
y^: Yank to beginning of line.
y$: Yank to end of line.
yy: Yank this line.
p: Paste text after cursor.
P: Paste text before cursor.

Misc commands
CTRL+L: Refresh screen.
CTRL+G: Display statistics on file.

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